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Welcome to Research@ASASWEI, a new website started by the 2021 – 2023 ASASWEI Executive committee. Our aim with this website is to provide a platform for social work researchers and educators in South Africa who research the field of Social Work. The objectives of this website are as follows:
•    To provide a showcase opportunity for social work researchers to display their work and show the high standard of research we conduct in South Africa.
•    To provide an opportunity to social work researchers for compiling and directing the research agenda according to the social issues pertinent to the South African society and circumstances.
•    To attract fellow researchers that share the same research interests towards joint, collaborative research on these crucial topics
•    To create an opportunity for sharing and building research evidence that informs society of social conditions in the country.

How does Research@ASASWEI work?
Special Interests Groups (SIG's) will be formed and advertised on this website. SIG leaders will consider applications by interested social work researchers to join the SIG and participate in its activities. SIG leaders will then consider and accept these applicants to join them in directing research efforts on the topic of the SIG. Furthermore, SIG's can decide their research topics, formulate joint collaborative research projects, apply for funding if possible and publish links to their research articles or reports on this website. SIG's join the researchers' community and build common interest, research thrust and focus on pertinent social issues. Membership of SIG's is accessible to anyone wanting to join the SIG, as long as participation contributes towards research, publication and demonstration. Although researchers are mainly from the social work profession, they can join from another field or profession. Inter-disciplinary research is a possibility. Membership is free and not limited to educators or members of ASASWEI.

The benefits of Research@ASASWEI
•    SIG activities can contribute to the topics and themes of future ASASWEI conferences. SIG leaders can help set these themes and focus presentations on SIG topics.
•    SIG's can help connect researchers to international researchers as membership is open to anyone interested in a SIG topic.
•    Research@ASASWEI can upscale the scope of research, improve the quality of research, counter island type research of limited scope and build a robust research agenda.
•    The emphasis on sharing, collaboration promotes the strength gained from numbers!

Members' comments about Research@ASASWEI
"A good idea that expands the focus and relevance of ASASWEI in a way that I have not seen before" - Somya Abdullah
"I think this is a really great initiative to establish communities of enquiry in social work that could lead to viable and sustainable international research networks". – Alida Herbst


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