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Mini- Tornado KZN

ASASWEI’S STATEMENT ON THE RECENT MINI-TORNADO IN KZN Date: 29 June 2023 By: ASASWEI executive and members ASASWEI notes with a shock that just one year and two months after parts of Durban were heavily flooded, whereby over 400 people lost their lives, a mini-tornado hit the areas Inanda, Phoenix, and surrounding areas this week, leaving four people dead and many others homeless. The flying debris spun in the air, causing severe damage and terrible panic among residents who tried to flee from the devastation. After the mini-tornado, at least 150 people registered their homes as destroyed, leaving them vulnerable without shelter. Severely traumatised residents tried to salvage remnants of their livelihoods. Those left homeless by the mini-tornado were accommodated at the same community halls that serve as a refuge for the April 2022 flood victims. Judging that the 2022 flood victims are still living in shelters indicates a lack of service delivery on the part of the Government and is tantamount to human rights abuse and injustice...


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